For best results must
use a Disk Shield Lock

99.9% of burglars
disapprove of this product

Made in the USA
Cedar Falls, IA


Storage Locker Security Guard

In a world where security is paramount, safeguarding your possessions is of utmost importance. Introducing Red Bully Guard - a revolutionary theft prevention system that has been meticulously designed to protect your valuables, providing unparalleled peace of mind. This innovative solution employs cutting-edge technology and durable materials to prevent theft attempts effectively.

Key Features:

Theft Deterrence at its Finest: Red Bully Guard is a formidable deterrent against theft. With a 99.9% approval rating among burglars who disapprove of it, it's clear that this product is highly effective in keeping unwanted intruders at bay.

Affordable Security:

At just $29.95 & free shipping* per guard, Red Bully Guard offers an affordable way to protect your belongings. This minimal investment can save you from potential losses due to theft.

Disc Lock Compatibility:

Red Bully Guard is designed to work seamlessly with disc locks, enhancing its security features. The combination of the guard and a disc lock creates a formidable barrier against theft.

Bulletproof Protection:

The construction of Red Bully Guard, made with A500 Grade B steel, is built to withstand various forms of attacks. Its burglar proof design ensures that even the most determined thieves will be discouraged by the level of protection it offers.

Bulk Order Discounts:

For those looking to secure multiple properties or assets, Red Bully Guard offers a generous 30% discount on bulk orders. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses and individuals looking to secure multiple locations.

*free shipping in US only